Guidance and Counselling Service

Pearse College has two Guidance Counsellors who give support, advice and/or counselling to students. This may take place in the classroom, at talks or on an individual basis. Students are encouraged to make appointments for individual meetings with their counsellor.
The service offers the following:
In the Guidance area

  • support in making subject choices,
  • study skills and examination techniques
  • CV preparation and interview skills
  • job search
  • career planning and interests assessment
  • college application including CAO and UCAS applications.

In the Counselling area

  • support and help re study difficulties
  • exam stress
  • parental/peer stress
  • home difficulties
  • substance abuse
  • depression
  • bullying
  • coping difficulties, etc.

A referral system to other support services is also in place.

Students who are re-enrolling and who have been attending a college guidance counsellor for personal issues are strongly advised to seek an appointment early in the new academic year, should they need continuing support and/or counselling. Please note that the guidance counsellor assigned to the new course/year may be different from last year, but any of the guidance counsellors will assist you.