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Horticulture – An Introduction

The purpose of this award is to enable the learner to work as a general operative in horticulture, using knowledge, skill and competence to select, establish, grow and maintain a range of plants under supervision.


  • Education: Applicants should have a standard of knowledge, skill and competence equivalent to NFQ Level 3 when accessing a Level 4 programme. Applicants may have participated in primary and secondary education although no formal qualifications are required.
  • Aptitude: Applicants must have a motivation to learn, an interest in the subject and the ability to acquire the knowledge, skills and competencies set out in the course.
  • Previous Experience: Applicants must be able to demonstrate a moderate range of knowledge, skills and competencies relevant to the course, be able to work with responsibility and demonstrate the ability to work on their own initiative.


Title Award Awarding Body
Communications (4N0689) Communications (4N0689) QQI
Growing Vegetables Growing Vegetables (4N0671) QQI
Plant Identification Care & Maintenance Plant Identification, Care & Maintenance (4N1186) QQI
Safe Horticultural Practice Safe Horticultural Practice (4N0719) QQI
Work Practice Work Practice (4N1170) QQI
Establishing Trees And Shrubs Establishing Trees & Shrubs (4N0666) QQI
Hard Landscape Construction Hard Landscape Construction (4N0681) QQI
Garden Design Garden Design (5N2551) QQI


Learners will have acquired the knowledge skills and competencies in the theory and practice in this vocational area.


Pearse College has a long tradition in Horticulture and offers courses in this area up to QQI Level 6.

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